The landing beaches

Between 06.30 and 07.30h 132.715 soldiers have set foot ashore

the landing beaches70 years ago Normandy was the theater of one of the most extensive operations in history, OPERATION OVERLORD, which took place on 5 beaches: UTAH, OMAHA, SWORD, JUNO and GOLD. These landing beaches were the first important step in the coming 100 days: the Battle of Normandy.

Sainte Mere Eglise


If you visit our region, you can discover the landing beaches, the defences of the Atlantic Wall, the musea and special exhibitions, all together a special ecperience related to this period of our history, not to forget the ceremonies on and around June 6, to commemorate the yearly anniversary of the landing of the Allies in 1944.


Read more about the invasion of Normandy at: D-Day 1944.

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