Turqueville: a charming village

Turqueville (district Sainte Mère Eglise), in earlier days Torqueville, village of Normans, is a charming village, 4 km from Sainte Mère Eglise.

June 6 and 7 1944

In the night of June 5/6 paratroopers of the 502 PIR 101st US Airborne Division jumped over Turqueville. At dawn the village is still occupied by the 795 Georgian Battalion of the 709. Infanterie-Division. During the day the 8th Regiment US 4th Infantry Division, landed at Utah beach, is approaching Turqueville but does not succeed in liberating the village.
A pocket of 2km is established in the midst of the paratroopers and the infantry. On June 8 the surrounded Georgians surrendered. The village has been for a while the headquarters of the just landed 90th US Infantry Division.

turqueville 7 june 1944A remarkable picture from Turqueville, June 7 1944. The picture was taken at the crossroads of the D67 and D129. A soldier of the 795 Bataljon (Georgian) surrenders to an American paratrooper. The road in front in leading to the center of Turqueville. The manor on the leftside of the road belongs to the Ferey-family and leads to our the church and our manoir Les Quatre Etoiles.


Today it is a well preserved village, 138 habitants, with nice manors, a church from the XVII/XVIIIe century, all situated in a beautiful landscape.

The church of Turqueville, as seen from our garden.

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